About the Fundraiser

It is our pleasure and honour to announce that A Bradford Christmas will be partnering with Hockey for Grace in an effort to                                                                                                           
                                                                                            fundraise for Emily’s House.


The Grace Memorial Hockey Tournament & Charity Social, or as it has been affectionately nick named “Hockey For Grace” is a charity event run by myself, Amy, and my husband Chris in honor of our daughter Grace. Grace was born on February 16th eight weeks early, tiny but mighty. Our hearts shattered shortly after her arrival when we learned her time on earth would be short. While Grace was here her home was Emily’s House, a children’s hospice in Toronto. The only of its kind in the GTA and 1 of 6 in Canada. They took care of us as well as our families. Feeding us, caring for us and letting us live like a normal family while having the medical supervision we needed. Emily’s House allowed us to live with Grace instead of just watching her die, filling her short life with many memories, adventures, and all the love in the world. Hockey for Grace is a way for us to celebrate and keep Grace’s spirit alive. It was the brain child of Chris who loves hockey and who had the opportunity to watch a Montreal Canadiens game with Grace while at Emily’s House, jersey and all! It allows us a way to give back to an organization that we will forever be indebted to, as well as starting a conversation about Pregnancy & Infant loss. This event has given Grace a legacy beyond just our grief; a way that she can continue to touch the world the way she touched so many in her short time here.


Emily’s House is a special place for kids and youth. A place of compassion, care, comfort, laughter, learning and play. Featuring a home-like, comforting environment, Emily’s House is dedicated to caring for children with complex needs while supporting their families. It is the first of its kind in the city and among 8 in Canada. Emily’s House brings together high quality, respite and palliative care with the warmth and comfort of a child-focused environment that allows children and their families to have a home away from home for respite, pain and symptom management and palliative care. Emily’s House offers a third option for a care setting, when hospital and home are not desired or feasible. Hospitals are busy, sterile places, with little space for families to have privacy, and home may be limited in terms of medical support and much needed respite. Endorsed and supported by Sick Kids Hospital, and serviced by expert physicians, trained nursing staff, dedicated play, art and spiritual care therapists as well as a dedicated management staff and board of directors, Emily’s House brings health care and heart together for the benefit of critically sick children and their families.